Testing & Water Chemistry

1. Test and adjust and balance water chemistry daily to meet and maintain standards of safety and
cleanliness as set forth by the State Health Department.

2. Maintain logs as required by Delaware State Health Department to show two water chemistry tests.

3. Contractor will supply routine chemicals, (liquid chlorine, granular, chlorine tablets, muriatic acid, soda ash,
and testing reagents), necessary to test, maintain and adjust chlorine and pH levels at Association’s expense.

4. Contractor will provide specialty chemicals as required to balance the water such as (sodium bicarbonate,
calcium chloride, cyanuric acid, summer algaecide, etc.) Chemicals required to treat fecal contamination,
faulty equipment, or “Acts of God” will also be provided at Association’s expense.

The Contractor has the authority and may, at any time, at its sole discretion, close or deny use of the pool
due to water contamination, inclement weather, equipment problems or for conduct violating pool rules.


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