Opening Pool

1. Inspect the pool, plumbing, equipment and premises.

2. Assemble and make ready for use pool equipment and set the filter system into operation.

3. Remove and store pool cover on premises.

4. Check inventory.

5. Adjust water to the proper level.

6. Test and adjust the water chemistry to meet state health department standards.

7. Contractor will supply routine chemicals necessary to test, adjust and maintain routine chlorine and

pH levels (liquid chlorine, granular, chlorine tablets, muriatic acid, soda ash, and testing reagents).

8. Contractor will provide, based on water chemistry tests, specialty chemicals as required to balance the water
such as (sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, cyanuric acid, summer algaecide, etc.) at Owner/Association’s expense.

9. Advise Association of needed repairs. Contractor can perform work at Association’s authorization and expenses


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